Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Indoctrination of a Generation

“Caution little eyes what you see;
Caution little ears what you hear.”

Every once and a while when I go and visit my brother, my sister-in-law sings the above refrain to her kids. As she explains it, whenever she would sing to my nephews and nieces, she was reminding them that they need to be careful of what they watch and listen to. Although they may not understand it when they are young, but what they are exposed to now will effect them as they grow up.

One of the main ways that our youth are affected by the so-called “sexual revolution” (which is more revolting than a revolution) is through the media. A report was released this past week revealing how there is a connection between sexually explicit shows and teen pregnancy. My first reaction to this study was “duh!” Although it has been claimed for years that the connection between movies and sexual deviancy was weak (this is usually claimed by those involved in the peddling of toxic waste), it doesn’t take a genius to realize that when a person is continually exposed to sexually-explicit materials, it’s going to change the way the world is viewed.

To use an analogy, when you want to make some brownies, it’s important that you make them with the best possible ingredients. This means the best eggs, milk, flour, and of course, chocolate brownie mix. And if this is all baked well, then you may be all set for the dentist next week.

Now, let’s imagine if you had mixed all the best possible ingredients together and then proceeded to slip in just a little bit of dog dropping. After it is cooked just right, those brownies may look like they are good for you, but they are going to taste more than a little funny.

Thus when I see various celebrities using their status to promote “lifestyles” that are contrary to the Truth, I suddenly get a bad taste in my mouth.

Take: Lindsay Lohan for example. She recently publically declared her “love” for her girlfriend. I know that she is certainly not the greatest role model, but unfortunately, many young people have no clue that the life she is living will lead not to happiness, but to more misery.

Unfortunately, the media does a spectacular job of painting a rosy picture of same-sex relationships, attempting to cover over the reality that many of those in this lifestyle are truly not happy, but often are wrapped up into drugs, alcohol, and depression. And this isn’t because society doesn’t accept them; it’s because when we misuse our sexuality, we’re going to feel it.

Although the causes of same-sex attraction, there is no doubt that those involved in these types of relationships, knowingly or unknowingly, suffer from an identity crisis. When Ms. Lohan was asked if she thought of herself as a lesbian, she is quoted in the December Issue of Harper’s Bazaar as saying,

"I don't want to classify myself…First of all, you never know what's going to happen -- tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now. I appreciate people, and it doesn't matter who they are, and I feel blessed to be able to feel comfortable enough with myself that I can say that."
Anyone who knows anything about her previous partying exploits knows that this is girl who has been in tremendous pain and doesn’t have a clue about who she really is. And by entering into a lifestyle that is ultimately demeaning, she will continue to be as lost as ever.
For you see, our sexuality speaks the language of being a total self-gift. If we don’t live our lives in this manner, we are going to be lost. No matter how we try to define our sexuality, if its not the truth, we won’t be satisfied.

Now, I wouldn’t be so concerned if Ms. Lohan wasn’t in the public eye. Yet the homosexual agenda is radically aggressive and they are getting plenty of help from Hollywood. Even your local school may be getting paid a visit from this ideology that is not going to stop until it is accepted as normal (Check out http://www.apa.org/pi/lgbc/publications/justthefacts.pdf for more info).

This is why it is vitally important that parents are involved in every aspect of what their kids are into. Pay attention to the magazines they are reading, what programs and movies they are watching, and where they are going on the net. And this is especially crucial when they are young.

For remember, just like the food you as a father or mother gives to your kids now will determine how healthy they will be in the future, the kind of education about sexuality that they receive now will affect whether they will be able to love in the right way.

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